Go sql examples

Go sql examples using sqlx

Assume you have two models a type Business and a type Widget in a one to many relationship.

I want to demonstrate two ways that you can load the widgets into a business object using sqlx.  I am using postgresql.

package models

import (
type Business struct {
    Id                int64          `db:"id" json:"id"`
    Name              string         `db:"name" json:"name"`
    Website           sql.NullString `db:"website" json:"website"`
    Created           time.Time      `db:"created" json:"created"`
    Widgets           []Widget        `json:"widgets"`
    CreatedBy         int64          `db:"created_by" json:"created_by"`

type Widget struct {
    Id          int64          `db:"id" json:"id"`
    Name        string         `db:"name" json:"name"`
    BusinessId  int64          `db:"business_id" json:"business_id"`

func (b *Business) Select(db *sqlx.DB, id int64) error {
    return db.Get(b, "select * from business where id = $1", id)

// version 1
func (b *Business) GetWidget1(db *sqlx.DB) error {

    err := db.Select(&b.Widgets, "SELECT * FROM widget WHERE business_id = $1", b.Id)

    if err != nil {
        return err

    return nil


If you need more control over the process
// version 2
func (b *Business) GetWidget2(db *sqlx.DB) error {

        rows, err := db.Queryx("SELECT * FROM widget where business_id = $1", b.Id)

        for rows.Next() {

            w := Widget{}

            err = rows.StructScan(&w)

            if err != nil {
                return err

            b.Widgets = append(b.Widgets, w)


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