My name is Tyson Maly. I am a computer engineer working in the financial services industry for the past 11 years.  I am involved in our companies Devops committee, and I have a passion for automating things.  I have also moonlighted as a consultant building web applications for businesses.   This site has been around since 2003.  I have been programming Perl since 1996, and I have been developing websites since 1995.  I have a wide variety of skills and can program the full stack from the devops side to the front-end user interface.

I recently had to upgrade a task management system that has been running since 2006.   It was based off the dotproject project management system written in PHP.  Due to a move to a newer version of PHP, the system had some issues.   Upon patching the system, I realized that the latest version of PHP had quite a handful of new features.

I have worked with PHP quite a bit over the years.  I wrote my own CMS system that supported both MySql and Postgresql back in 2004.  This system supported clients I was consulting for at the time.

WordPress has grown quite a bit since I began using it when it was just a simple blog system.  I am working on a few plugins for the system.  If you have a business that is in need of a feature for your wordpress site, feel free to contact me.  I can discuss what is possible given your requirements.

Over the last several years,  I have started a few mobile web apps using the Go programming language.  I am finding that Go aka golang supplements some of the dynamic languages quite well.   I recently had a task to scan a large number of Excel documents for a discovery request.  I bench marked scanning the documents in Go verse Perl and I found I could achieve between 5x and 10x speedup using Go.

I have developed a number of micro services  for my current side project Best Food Near Me – Food Dishes by location

Deployment and development of micro services in Go is more straight forward as you are dealing with single binaries as opposed to other languages that have heavy dependencies.